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Delighted to be doing our bit to support our local teams

2020 has been a start, stop, start, stop kind of year for sport! Every sport, including football, has been affected by the pandemic - grassroots, amateur and professional football clubs up and down the country have had their training and matches disrupted in some way. Garforth Rangers AFC is an FA Charter Standard Community Club located in Leeds with amateur football teams of all ages. Their players range from girls and boys aged just 4 years old in their Development Squad, right through to men and women adults who play in the West Yorkshire Association Football League and West Riding Womens League. Solupak has close links with the club and is delighted to be able to support Garforth during the challenges that the 2020/21 season has encountered.  In light of the increased focus on protecting everyone’s health and safety, we have committed to donate enough of our Soluclean Disinfectant Detergent spray for the full season to help contribute to the club’s mandatory PPE equipment list. This product is used to clean goals, corner posts, balls and all equipment for training and matches. The cleaner’s effective formulations and EN 1276 certification means that the club can be reassured that they are doing everything they can to keep staff, players and observers, protected from the risks associated with the spread of infectious disease. Gary Johnson, Garforth Rangers COVID Officer visited Solupak's office to receive the gift of cleaners from Solupak Managing Director, Alex Thomson. Marcus McDonald, Garforth Rangers Under 8s Manager accompanied him. Solupak proudly sponsors Marcus' team of young players and supplies the match day kits for these budding junior footballers. Marcus has recently joined our team here at Solupak as our new national sales manager, so we will definitely be retaining our close links with the club and keeping up to date with how his team of youngsters is progressing on the pitch. It appears that Solupak attracts football loving employees and we are always keen to support them. Luke Wilson, who works in our production and quality department, plays in goal for Thackley AFC, a Premier Division Northern Counties East Football League team. This season, and for the first time, Solupak was delighted to sponsor Luke and earlier in the season, the football fans amongst us travelled to his away match at Garforth Town AFC to watch him and his team play. We hope to be watching all of our sporting colleagues and friends on the pitches again very soon!      
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Try our new Anti Viral Cleaner for free!

A dirty desk, a sticky surface or a grubby keyboard simply isn’t acceptable in the workplace, in this day and age. Employers and employees need to be reassured that when they are spending time in working environments, especially indoors and alongside others, that they are safe and protected from the spread of harmful viruses and infection. We’ve developed an Anti Viral Disinfectant Cleaner to give our clients real peace of mind. Developed using our Soluclean system, the Anti Viral Cleaner is a deep cleaner that’s suitable for all hard surface areas, including food safe areas, such as kitchens, where hygiene is paramount. Because the cleaner is made up and activated using our 4-step process - it’s a water soluble sachet, you place it in an empty bottle/bucket/trigger spray, just add 750ml water and then ensure that it’s dissolved. You always know that when it’s applied, it’s at the optimum strength to be an effective virucidal disinfectant – it will kill 99.999% of viruses! It’s easy to use, there’s minimal manual handling required and the cleaner is independently tested to three separate industry standards (EN 1276 EN 14476 and EN 13697). And of course, like all of our cleaning products, it’s cruelty-free, vegan and any packaging is fully recyclable. We’re so pleased with the performance of our new Anti Viral Cleaner, we’d like to send you a free sample so that you can experience it too. Simply email: sample@solupak.com with your name and address and we’ll pop your sample in the post. We are #plastic responsible. We offer a fully #zerowaste system #moreoceanlessplastic.        
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Less is more... especially when it comes to plastic!

It’s probably fair to say that the words ‘disinfect’ and ‘sanitise’ have been heard or read more times in 2020 than in any other year! Because of the coronavirus pandemic, these words are top of mind and people are also looking to disinfect and sanitise more often and more thoroughly right now.   Some individuals, particularly those who are concerned about controlling coronavirus, find it tempting to throw everything (including the kitchen sink!) into making sure their home or work environment is as germ and virus free as possible.   Increased and intensive disinfecting using ordinary bleaches, gels and potentially hazardous chemicals can take its toll in lots of ways. These products can be expensive, pungent and abrasive.   In addition to cost-implications and potential health hazards, there are long term environmental effects, such as sustainability, packaging waste and animal cruelty, to consider.   Changing times In these new times, where the emphasis on thorough cleaning is heightened, demand for a greater volume of traditional cleaning products means additional packaging and single-use plastic bottles are filling homes and places of work.   Solupak cleaning products require less storage space and come in tubs and re-sealable plastic bags for easy storage and ‘controlled portion’ dispensing.   Where we do use plastic in our UK manufacturing plant, we use a Bottle 4 Life system that means that there are no single use plastic bottles being used here – all bottles are screen printed and can be used multiple times. If and when they do reach the end of their lifespan, they are fully recyclable.   Cleaning standards We are often asked if our water soluble cleaning products actually disinfect effectively. Our cleaners and disinfectants conform to EN 1276 standards – this means they officially do! Our non-chlorine disinfectant is an effective decontaminate that works for all areas and works against all bacteria. It’s also phosphate free and biodegradable. The disinfectant dries quickly to leave surfaces bright, smear free and lemon scented.   We know from speaking to our customers that they want total peace of mind that they are helping to keep their families and colleagues safe. Now, more than ever, it’s our passion to facilitate safe and effective cleaning that is doing just that, with the added bonus of being eco-friendly, cruelty free and leaving a lower carbon footprint.   Explore our range of disinfectant products on our website. Alternatively, call one of our experts on +44 (0) 1924 565120 or email at sales@solupak.com.
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How to Keep Your Business Clean and Safe

As increasing numbers of workers begin adapting to office life at home, many business owners begin to reflect on the safety of their organisation’s working environment and how this could be improved. To help you and your staff return to a safer and cleaner environment, we’ve put a short guide together from the experts in eco-friendly commercial cleaning.   Why is Workplace Cleanliness Important? No matter your industry sector or where your staff are based, maintaining hygienic work environments protects your staff’s wellbeing and happiness - ultimately encouraging productivity and efficiency.  Staff Health In light of the recent inexorable spread of Coronavirus forcing many workers home, it’s become undeniably apparent that businesses may not be taking adequate measures to protect against this. Illness is spread by the distribution of pathogens and these are most commonly transferred between people by sneezing, coughing and touching unclean surfaces. The most frequently transmittable surfaces are often the ones most easily forgotten, like doorknobs and push surfaces on fire doors. With over 80% of infectious diseases being most commonly transmitted by touch, it’s more important than ever to protect yourself, your staff and your business. Productivity Provisions for the cleanliness of the worker environment can boost employee morale by creating a sense of belonging and worthiness within the organisation. If staff feel cared for by the business in a safe environment, they are more likely to be focused in their work and willing to put in what it takes to yield the best results. Essentially, what’s good for staff is good for business! Impression It’s not uncommon for modern business spaces to be frequently visited by clients and prospective business and a clean environment leaves a good impression on both its employees and its visitors. Ensuring that both the people in and out of your organisation are reassured of your priorities being your staff will boost your businesses image.   What Can I Do? From the Top to the Bottom There’s no avoiding getting stuck in and manually cleaning. However, adopting a ‘top to bottom’ strategy can avoid further cross contamination and ensure the most effective use out of your time and products.  For instance, windows, air con and vents should be prioritised. Our patented range of Trigger Products are ‘all purpose’ cleaners that come in a variety of forms to suit all areas of your business.  Secondly, surfaces and conference rooms and bathrooms should be considered - remember that any linen should also be cleaned with a reliable and germ-focused laundry detergent.  The floors should be left until last and whether you operate an office space or warehouse, we have a range of commercial floor cleaning solutions that negate chemical spillage or handling of harmful chemicals.   Why Solupak? Solupak is the only manufacturer of entirely water soluble cleaning products that are designed, tested, made and distributed from an in-house team of experts based in the UK. We are both eco-friendly and cruelty free with all of our products being highly concentrated, meaning no unnecessary water and lower carbon footprints.   If you’d like to clean your business with the environment in mind, contact us now. Alternatively, call one of our experts on +44 (0) 1924 565120 or email at sales@solupak.com.
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Spring Clean Your Business

Spring is a time of fresh beginnings and rethinking old ideas, so we’ve channelled this seasonal zeitgeist and put together some of our favourite Solupak products to spring clean your business. Solupak cleaning products is a range of eco-friendly concentrated surface cleaners encapsulated in fully water-soluble sachets. This means that we don’t ship excess water, storage space is reduced and you don’t have to come into direct contact with harsh chemicals. Saving you time, space and money!   Trigger Products Trigger sachets were designed for the ‘everyday’ surface cleaning. We’ve designed our water soluble tablets so that they’re highly concentrated, optimising the highest level of cleaning capacity while also being completely sealed in a protective layer of soluble BICSc. This means your staff never have to come into direct contact with harmful chemicals without compromising on the cleanliness of your business space.   Manual Floor Cleaning Floor cleaning products are often the most expensive, both of money and storage space. Our range of manual floor cleaning products are super concentrated so there’s no added costs for shipping water around the country and very little space is required for storage. Throughout our entire process, from concept, R&D, testing, manufacturing, packaging to distribution, we always have the focus of minimising our carbon footprint at the forefront of our minds. This way, you can be assured that while helping your business, you're helping us do better for the environment.   Custom Designs As everything we sell is made, from concept design to production, by our team of experienced in-house specialists, we’re always happy to make something a little more bespoke for your business.  By contacting a member of our helpful team, we can discuss custom product designs from the bottled label to the very formulae!   If you think that your business could benefit from any of the above, please get in touch or call one of our in-house experts for more information on 44 (0) 1924 565120  
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Business & Product Innovation Award

We are proud to announce that Solupak has been nominated to receive the Business & Product Innovation Award from the Federation of Small Businesses Yorkshire & Humber. We are, of course, very humbled to be considered for such a prestigious award which celebrates new, ‘game-changing’ products and innovative approaches to traditional markets.  After celebrating our 20th year in developing, formulating, packaging and distributing water soluble and environmentally conscious cleaning products, we’re prouder than ever that our hard working team of in-house specialists have been recognised for their dedication to innovation. With so many excellent contenders, we hope that formally, this will inspire other small businesses to take the leap for sustainability within their product design and development.  Thank you all for your kind support and we wish all of the other candidates in the category every success!  
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Local business creates new product with TV star

Solupak, a local Yorkshire business based in Rotherham, have been working alongside professional bike racer turned TV presenter Guy Martin to create an environmentally friendly bike cleaner and degreaser. Hailing from Lincolnshire, Martin started out as a lorry mechanic, winning an apprenticeship with Volvo at the age of just 16. He went on to compete in the Isle of Man TT races where he shot to fame after winning numerous podium places.  He was quickly snapped up by television where he has since presented many popular programmes. Brand New Product Solupak have been working alongside Guy Martin since 2017 to create a bike cleaner. Guy, who is a self confessed workaholic, has been working alongside our research and development team to create a motorbike cleaner and degreaser.  Martin has been involved in the project from its inception and the choice of raw materials right through to the final product and packaging.  Here at Solupak we are committed to producing products which are environmentally friendly and we are passionate about reducing the amount of plastic packaging being used to deliver products.  By working closely with Guy Martin our aim is to develop an excellent product which delivers on performance without the usual cost to the environment caused by excessive plastic packaging.  Our experience has taught us that by using recyclable products wherever possible and water soluble packaging we can drastically reduce the amount of plastic packaging in our products.  At Solupak reducing plastic waste is our mantra and with Guy Martin on board we know that we really do have a winning team. For more information about Solupak's services or products call us now on +44(0) 1924 565120 or you can reach us by email at sales@solupak.com.
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New Waste Management Partner for Solupak

Here at Solupak we are proud of our eco-friendly credentials and have recently joined forces with B&M Waste Management to further strengthen our environmental track record. B&M Waste Management are a carbon-neutral company, and market-leaders in pioneering the latest recycling-led solutions to waste management, in order to avoid unnecessary landfill.  They also hold the ISO 14001 accreditation, which is awarded to companies to establish an effective Environmental Management System. Here at Solupak we continually strive to reduce the amount of waste and packaging generated by the delivery of cleaning solutions and other chemicals.  Our revolutionary water soluble delivery systems are effective, safe and offer great value for money as well as being eco-friendly. Our efforts have been recognised by Ecolabel as well as Cruelty Free International. We supply our own brand cleaning products as well as providing water soluble packaging for other products and manufacturers. We manufacture water soluble films using advanced PVOH technology and all our products are formulated, blended, packaged and tested at our own purpose-built facility.  Solupak are on a mission to save the planet and we are very happy to have B&M Waste Management as an ally.  For more information on our environmentally friendly cleaning products, contact us today on 44 (0) 1924 565120 , or email sales@solupak.com, and one of our friendly team will be happy to help.
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Solupak reaches the billion milestone

Solupak are proud to announce that they have now produced over one billion PVOH sachets.  Solupak began with one man's mission to help save the planet from the harmful effects of plastic waste and has become a story of ongoing success. Since Solupak was established in 1998 it has gone on to expand and extend its services, tripling its workforce in the past few years alone.  Solupak now produces PVOH water soluble packaging for a huge range of industries and products and its range is continually being expanded thanks to its in-house Research and Development department which is continually refining and developing new applications for its products. Why water soluble?  Water soluble packaging can deliver a whole host of benefits to the user.  Solupak's unique system can mean an immediate reduction in packaging waste and the elimination of the need to dispose of contaminated waste. It also allows hazardous chemicals to be handled safely and reduces waste as accurate dosing is guaranteed.  The use of water soluble sachets also cuts transportation costs as users do not have to pay for the transportation of bulky packaging and less space is needed for storage. Above all, Solupak's unique system is kinder to the environment as it drastically reduces the need for plastic packaging which is now seen as one of the most immediate of all the environmental threats to our planet. About Solupak Solupak's environmental efforts have been recognised by Cruelty Free International and Ecolabel who approve all our  products. For more information about Solupak and our groundbreaking services, call us now on +44(0) 1924 565120 or by email at sales@solupak.com.
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Solupak to work with the Glenn Group

Solupak are proud to announce that they have been chosen by the Glenn Group to supply water soluble packaging solutions for its cleaning products. The Glenn Group is a large cleaning company offering cleaning and support services for businesses in Bedford, Oxford, Northampton, London and the surrounding areas. As a commercial cleaning company the Glenn Group has recognised the importance of limiting the environmental impact of its activities. By collaborating with Solupak, the Glenn Group can minimise the amount of plastic waste which it generates, thus helping to protect the planet.  We have all seen the horrendous pictures of wildlife being hurt by plastic waste and we are only just realising the potential damage to our oceans from micro plastics.  Solupak's revolutionary water soluble delivery systems are ideal for cleaning products allowing hazardous chemicals to be dispensed safely without the danger of spillage. Using water soluble PVOH sachets can also help to save money by ensuring that the correct amount of cleaning product is used.  Solupak is on a mission to reduce the amount of packaging and waste generated by industry and its efforts have been recognised by Ecolabel and Cruelty Free International.  Solupak produces water soluble PVOH packaging for a variety of industries and all its products are formulated, blended, packaged and tested at its own facility in Yorkshire.  For more information on our environmentally friendly cleaning products, contact us today on 44 (0) 1924 565120 , or email sales@solupak.com, and one of our friendly team will be happy to help.
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Solupak goes International

Solupak is pleased to announce that it has begun exporting its Eco-friendly products to Australia. From small beginnings in Yorkshire, where it was formed in 1998, Solupak has grown dramatically over the past two decades and now supplies its products to many businesses at home in the UK and abroad.  Solupak has always aimed at becoming a truly global concern and this is now becoming a reality with its latest venture in Australia.  Solupak is passionate about spreading the message that industry does not have to be polluting and that with a few, often money saving, changes businesses can dramatically reduce their environmental impact. Solupak has secured the services of a main distributor in Australia and is now supplying ten lines of product through this partner.  Many Australian mining companies are already seeing the potential in Solupak's products which have allowed them to drastically reduce both their general waste and chemical waste. Solupak is committed to reducing the amount of plastic packaging and waste generated by industry and it produces products which use either fully recyclable plastic or water soluble packaging which  removes the need for plastic completely. All products are approved by Cruelty Free International and Ecolabel (where appropriate). Solupak's products are ideal for shipping as the minimal packaging required means that they are relatively compact, lighter and easier to store.  For more information regarding Solupak's services and products please call our helpline on +44(0) 1924 565120 or we can be contacted by email at sales@solupak.com.  
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Pear Tree FM to use Solupak's Services

Solupak are proud to announce that they have been chosen by Pear Tree FM to supply sustainable cleaning products for their commercial cleaning and support service company.  Pear Tree FM works with leading companies providing a wide range of quality services including: commercial cleaning, housekeeping, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, pest control, waste management and washroom and hygiene services.  They also provide specialist cleaning services for IT manufacturers as well as clean room cleaning.  Pear Tree FM is a London based company which has been providing high quality cleaning services since 1986. They take great pride in their reputation for delivering its services to a very high standard and is proud to invest in both its workforce and new technology to help the company run smoothly.  The fact that Pear Tree delivers over 1 million cleaning hours for its customers is a testament to the success of its business.  Pear Tree FM has committed itself to continuing to deliver a high standard of service alongside its responsibility to care for the environment. They feel that it is their social responsibility to invest in sustainable procurement -  and this is where Solupak comes in.  Solupak provides water soluble cleaning products which reduce the need for single use plastics in the cleaning environment. By using Solupak's innovative PVOH film system cleaning products can be delivered without the need for plastic.  We have long been on a mission to reduce the amount of packaging and waste generated by industry. Solupak look forward to a long and sustainable partnership with Pear Tree FM in their joint efforts to care for the environment.  For more information on our environmentally friendly cleaning products, contact us today on 44 (0) 1924 565120 , or email sales@solupak.com, and one of our friendly team will be happy to help.
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Better for the planet, better for you

  • Eco house

    Reduced Storage

    Less space required for storage and distribution. Tubs and re-sealable plastic bags for easy effective transportation/storage/ dispensing. Reduced storage space against traditional products.

  • Eco earth


    Designated / re-useable trigger sprays. Flexible packaging formats from 20 to 150 sachets in a pack . No costly dispensing equipment required, wasteful of resources

  • Eco tag

    Cost Control & Training

    Easy to use cleaning plans. Easy to use dispensing shelf for storage

  • Water droplets

    Effective Cleaning/Disinfection

    Effective formulations, 100% biodegradable / phosphate free Range of products for different application areas. Cleaner / disinfectant conforms to EN 1276.

  • Recycling bin

    Reduce Waste

    88% reduction in packaging. One tub of 100 bucket sachets equates to 5 x 5 litre containers.

  • Panda

    We don't test on animals

    We never have, and we never will. We ensure that none of our raw materials are of animal origin or are tested on animals. We are proud to be accredited by both Cruelty Free International and the Vegan Society as an approved manufacturer.

  • Industry Sectors

    Facilities Management

    Building and Construction

    Medical Instrument Cleaning

    Dental Applications