This course will take approximately x minutes, please ensure you have adequate time to complete.

Course Details

This course is to enable you to use the Solupak daily cleaning range easily and effectively. Our simple and easy to use system has been designed to help you carry out your daily cleaning and hygiene tasks swiftly with maximum results.

We will guide you through the operation and healthy safety aspects of the products you are about to use.

To support your daily use of the products, we have designed a full complementary range of training materials…

Wall chart 

Display the wall chart where you make up the cleaning solution, to remind yourself of individual product information at a quick glance. All your chosen products should be easily identifiable on the chart, including areas of use.

 Training Materials- Wall Charts

Key cards

Whilst on the move, key cards can be added to operations carts or carried by individual team members for quick reference as to the use of each product.

Method statements

Each product is supplied with a method statement which breaks down further the information needed for the end users. These can be conveniently stored with the wall charts or in a separate folder.

Method_statement example

Training videos

For individual applications, refer to the operational training videos which tell you everything you need to know about how to use them, in a matter of minutes.

What not to do…