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R&D Formulation

When engaged in R&D, either on behalf of a client, or for in-house product development, we apply our extensive knowledge of formulation whilst working backwards from the application. Water soluble applications often can’t just use off-the-shelf formulars. We start from the film and usage requirements and then formulate the design specifically to meet the need.

We have a team of in-house designers who work very closely with the film manufacturers. This brings a wealth of long term experience of what does and doesn’t work. We undertake R&D for our own product range as well as specific projects for a wide range of users and clients. Applications include retail cleaning, chemical toilets, vehicle cleaning, building additives and comercial cleaning. We are fully conversant with all International standards and our sanitisers are EN1276 tested and often have eco level approval. The whole R&D process is fully documented with traceability.

Blending and Manufacturing

The next stage after R&D is blending and manufacturing. We start from the base raw materials of powders and liquids which are blended to create a finished product to a specific formulation. All blending and manufacturing takes place in-house at our facility in the UK.

By utilising the most appropriate water soluble films for each particular application and matching the most appropriate equipment for the product, cost and volume requirement, we offer a complete contract manufacturing and packaging service.

Our manufacturing and production operation is set up for very short lead times from order to delivery and all processes are documented and checked to International ISO standards. We manufacture a wide range of sachets and combined with our strategic partners in the UK and Europe, the Far East and Australisia, we have the ability to service both high volume and speciality niche markets Worldwide.

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Water soluble PVOH

PVOH technology can provide an environmental and marketing advantage to cleaning products. Manufacturers and consumers face increasing restrictions on packaging waste in industry and in the home. PVOH excels in situations where unit dosing is required or where reduction in risks of handling hazardous materials are desirable.

Where soluble films and sachets cannot be used, we can offer rigid PVOH packaging solutions. We have the knowledge and the right partners to transform your current outer packaging into water soluble. The end user can then dispose easily without recycling or putting in the bin.

Example markets that will be able to take advantage of Solupak PVOH technology are, speciality chemicals, construction additives, detergent and cleaning products, agriculture, horticulture, health and hygiene, biocides and water treatment.


Water soluble products need to be packed in long-life final packaging formats to suit the end user / retailer. These packaging solutions need to be practical for shipping / logistics, manual handling or specific to a customer driven final format.

Along with the R&D, formulation and manufacturing, the design for all packaging takes place in-house at our facilities in Yorkshire. Whilst all our products need airtight re-sealable packaging for water soluable products, the size and shape is determined by the client and their customer’s end use.

Solupak can develop and supply containers in rigid PVOH tailored to your needs and have the ability to service both high volume and speciality niche markets. We have the knowledge of PVOH, manufacture via blow molding or extrusion together with technical expertise in formulation of your products. Once the product inside container is used, rather than throwing it in the bin the consumer can choose how to dispose of the container. It completely degrades whether it is in the compost, the dishwasher or even outside in the rain.

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Under license own label

The majority of our clients are household names, but you don’t see our name on their products. We work with our customers to deliver a fully branded product which can be either specifically developed for them in terms of the formulation and packaging, or it can be one of our standard products that are white labelled for them.

Whichever option is best for the customer, they always benefit from a product which is tested and eco-friendly.

Our manufacturing facility is set up to be able to cope with quick response delivery schedules and because of the concentration levels of the products, the shipping and storage costs of the products are kept to a minimum (we are not moving water and air).

Our sales team will liaise with you to discuss the correct product from our range and discuss applying your brand guidelines to give you the right product, packaged the right way and delivered where and when you need it.

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